Volcano Vaporizer Review (Still the best desktop vaporizer)

The volcano vaporizer first graced the marijuana scene at the turn of the millennium, and it has entrenched itself as, arguably, the best desktop vaporizer in existence. We’ll be putting this revolutionary device under the microscope as we do a deep dive into the volcano vaporizer.

First Things First

The vaporizer earns its name from its volcano-esque poise and appearance. It was manufactured by a German company, Storz & Bickle, who released two variations of the popular device. The two versions are called the Volcano classic and digital. While pretty much everything is the same with either make, the sole difference comes in the means of temperature adjustment. The classic affords a knob for such purposes while the digital one has a digital interface for precise temperature control and an automatic shut off feature. Both of these devices have very accurate temperature control mechanisms, which makes them especially useful for temperature specific herb strains.

The analog volcano will cost you about $480 dollars and you’d need to cough up roughly an extra $150 for the digital build. For longevity concerns, you might want to stick with the classic. It provides a robust architecture compared to the digital version which has sensitive electronics, which are bound to fail at some point.


  • The durability of the volcano is unrivaled, no matter the make. Its robust frame that’s forged out of stainless steel makes it one for the long haul.
  • Its build quality is also similar, thanks to the combination of ingenious design work and top-notch German parts. The Volcano is like the Mercedes of the vaporizer world, but better.
  • The vapor also has unmatched flavor, quality, and density. It’s to die for!
  • It fills up vapor balloons tremendously fast. It takes less than 30 seconds. Compared to other devices of this nature, it’s several times faster. Other brands can take up to 2 minutes or longer.
  • Either variation of the device is extremely easy to use. Temperature control and overall ease of use is excellent.
  • It’s easy to care for. Practically, all you’d need to do to keep it in great shape is a little wiping of the screen, surfaces, and the occasional bag replacement.
  • Its efficient design features an effective regulatory valve. It ensures there is no wasted vapor. In short, you get your herb’s full worth. The Volcano’s high efficiency can also be attributed to its large heating surface area. It burns up the herb very evenly.


  • The device takes about three minutes to completely heat up which is considered quite long.
  • It’s noisier than many of its competitors. It’s especially loud when filling the vapor balloon. This is due to the fan’s fast RPMs.
  • The volcano weighs significantly more than most other desktop units. This coupled with its large frame hinders portability.
  • The vapor bags are a tad crinkly and not friendly on the environment. They’re downright ugly after a few uses.
  • It has the most expensive price tag of its competitors.

Final Verdict

The volcano vaporizer is pretty much the yardstick for modern vaporizers these days. That’s a testament to just how good it is. It’s spoken of in high regard within vaping circles and across the internet. There’s hardly any vaporizers out there that can hold a candle to it. So it’s a definite thumbs up on this one.

VaporFi Review

Up next under the microscope this week is VaporFi, an online vape store that has been doing rounds across the vast reaches of the internet. So is it any good or is it simply one for the not-so-good category? Well, today we find that out as we delve into our VaporFi review.

What Does VaporFi.com Have to Offer?

1. An Assortment of Top-Notch Brands

The store encompasses a long list of some of the world’s best quality brands and at the head of that list is one notable variety that has arguably dominated the vaping scene in recent times: VaporFi. This brand is synonymous with putting your best foot forward and has consequently become the most popular of the lot. The store majorly deals in VaporFi products with other distinguished varieties including SMOK, Asvape, Eleaf, and Innokin just to mention a few of the over 20 brands on sale.

2. FDA Standards Met

Their e-liquids, which are the heart of any vaping gear really, have been given the green light by the government as the FDA has deemed them in line with set standards. As such, you are assured of getting tried and tested products that are as safe as safe can be. Moreover, you’re sure to find whatever tickles your fancy as the e-liquid flavors number in the dozens.

4. Great Bonus System

Not many online stores give back to their customers quite like this one as it has a rewarding arrangement from which buyers earn bonuses from the money they spend. You get one point for every $ 2 spent on VaporFi products and 200 points for spending ten times as much. What’s more, they keep track of every dollar spent and the record goes into providing free new upgrades for devices up to $ 125.

3. Commendable Coverage Plan

The store offers a 90-day money-back warranty for its VaporFi brand and has a 30-day policy in place for its auxiliary partners. That’s more than enough time to uncover any defects in recently purchased hardware or devices.

4. Handheld Guidance on a Variety of Vaping Topics

VaporFi.com not only provides vaping products but also some helpful information alongside the purchases. Whether you are new to vaping or have considerable experience under your belt, you’re bound to find some useful pointers either way.


1. No PayPal

The store has no provision to make payments via PayPal which means you just have to resort to credit cards which can be a tad inconvenient in comparison.

2. Limited Free Shipping

Might seem like one for the pros department however it is the limitation imposed on it that earns it a place in the cons section. The shipping is only free within the United States.

3. Other Brands Are a Bit Neglected

The store is predominately focused on VaporFi products, as evident from its name, and consequently most offers and discount deals are concentrated on the said brand with the others getting fewer incentives in return.

Final Verdict

There you have it, folks! Now that we’ve taken a look at both sides of the coin, you can now make an informed decision whether VaporFi.com is the right store for you. We definitely give VaporFi the green light as they are a safe and reputable vape store to do your online shopping.

What Is A Vaporizer?

The word vaporizer refers to any device which converts solid/liquid vaping material into gaseous form for inhalation. Vaporizers can generally be categorized into three main groups: table-top vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vape pens. Each type comes with its own share of pros and cons. Portable mmj vaporizers are what we’ll be looking at today.

What Is a Portable Vaporizer?

If tabletop vaporizers and vape pens had a child together, then the portable vaporizer would be it. Tabletop vaporizers are bulky but extremely effective vaping devices while vape pens are extremely portable but not very efficient. A portable vaporizer finds itself somewhere in the middle of that scale as it seeks to provide optimum vaping functionality without adding too much weight to the architecture. More specifically, a portable mmj vaporizer is one specially tailored to work with medical cannabis which is usually quite dry.


In terms of size, the portable vaporizer is significantly bigger than a vape pen but way smaller than a top table vaporizer. It is too big to fit in your pocket as you would a vape pen but small enough to be carried around in a bag. These devices are pricier than vape pens because of their more sophisticated design and added functionalities.

Unlike vape pens, these vaporizers are tailored for a host of vaping material be it concentrate, liquid, or dry herbs. They make excellent home vaping devices but can also be used on the go. This might be why their popularity has soared in recent times. Regular charging is required with these devices and once fully charged, the vaporizer can provide 2 to 3 hours of continuous use.

With regards to temperature control, it’s often the norm that portable vaporizers have a fixed temperature setting. This makes them not very ideal for really dry vaping material. For those that offer temperature control, the adjustment mechanism is usually heating manipulation rather than precise temperature tweaking. However, there are some high-end models that enable customized temperature adjustment using a calibrated scale.

Advantages of Portable MMJ Vaporizers

  • Its portability is undoubtedly its greatest selling point as it does not confine your vaping to just a single spot.
  • The fusion of beguiling design and alluring texture makes for a device that is, more often than not, eye-catching.
  • Compared to a joint, the vaporization is simply enthralling as the device is able to isolate the distinct nuances of different strains.
  • It is multifunctional and extremely user-friendly.
  • Also, the portable vaporizer conceals the smell of cannabis commendably well, making it an excellent vaping accessory to carry around.


  • Fixed temperature control in most portable devices sometimes results in burning of the vaping material. Other times, insufficient combustion provides inadequate vapor potency.
  • Portable vaporizers command a hefty price tag compared to vape pens.
  • While they are portable, they are not as discrete as vape pens.

Smoking Was Cool In The 50s…

Smoking may have been a cool thing to do in the 50s, but we’re over half a century past that. We know just how bad it is for you to smoke, so why are millions of people still putting cigarettes in their mouth?

To answer this questions, I’m afraid we’ll have to look at the images we’ve been exposed to.

Image Cred: qz.com

Why Do People Still Smoke?

Growing up, some of my favorite role models smoked. Actors and actresses were cool if they smoked. I wanted to smoke because of it. It was a cultural thing, it was cool, it was hip.

If you didn’t smoke, you were a loser or a scary cat. All the popular kids smoked in high school and college, if you went. Saying no was hard, so eventually I said yes.

You know how it is after saying yes twice, you’re hooked. If you only said yes once and were disgusted, good on you. If you said yes twice, you were officially a smoker. After smoking two times, you could no longer say it was something you tried once and didn’t like it. Two time makes it a pattern of behavior. Subconsciously, you started seeing yourself as a smoker after the second session.

When you start to see yourself in a certain way, your brain works its hardest to maintain that image. After all, it doesn’t want to seem finicky or inconsistent. Even though you knew cigarettes were bad for you and tried to quit numerous time, your brain was working against you. You were destined to fail.

So in short, people still smoke (hopefully not you) because they’ve developed an image of themselves that includes smoking. IF they were to change that image, they could quit smoking in a day.

My suggestion, change the image to that of a vaper. That way you will still get your nicotine and won’t have to go through cold turkey nicotine withdrawals. Those are bad enough to make anyone pick up a cigarette again.