Smoking Was Cool In The 50s…

Smoking may have been a cool thing to do in the 50s, but we’re over half a century past that. We know just how bad it is for you to smoke, so why are millions of people still putting cigarettes in their mouth?

To answer this questions, I’m afraid we’ll have to look at the images we’ve been exposed to.

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Why Do People Still Smoke?

Growing up, some of my favorite role models smoked. Actors and actresses were cool if they smoked. I wanted to smoke because of it. It was a cultural thing, it was cool, it was hip.

If you didn’t smoke, you were a loser or a scary cat. All the popular kids smoked in high school and college, if you went. Saying no was hard, so eventually I said yes.

You know how it is after saying yes twice, you’re hooked. If you only said yes once and were disgusted, good on you. If you said yes twice, you were officially a smoker. After smoking two times, you could no longer say it was something you tried once and didn’t like it. Two time makes it a pattern of behavior. Subconsciously, you started seeing yourself as a smoker after the second session.

When you start to see yourself in a certain way, your brain works its hardest to maintain that image. After all, it doesn’t want to seem finicky or inconsistent. Even though you knew cigarettes were bad for you and tried to quit numerous time, your brain was working against you. You were destined to fail.

So in short, people still smoke (hopefully not you) because they’ve developed an image of themselves that includes smoking. IF they were to change that image, they could quit smoking in a day.

My suggestion, change the image to that of a vaper. That way you will still get your nicotine and won’t have to go through cold turkey nicotine withdrawals. Those are bad enough to make anyone pick up a cigarette again.


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