What Is A Vaporizer?

The word vaporizer refers to any device which converts solid/liquid vaping material into gaseous form for inhalation. Vaporizers can generally be categorized into three main groups: table-top vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vape pens. Each type comes with its own share of pros and cons. Portable mmj vaporizers are what we’ll be looking at today.

What Is a Portable Vaporizer?

If tabletop vaporizers and vape pens had a child together, then the portable vaporizer would be it. Tabletop vaporizers are bulky but extremely effective vaping devices while vape pens are extremely portable but not very efficient. A portable vaporizer finds itself somewhere in the middle of that scale as it seeks to provide optimum vaping functionality without adding too much weight to the architecture. More specifically, a portable mmj vaporizer is one specially tailored to work with medical cannabis which is usually quite dry.


In terms of size, the portable vaporizer is significantly bigger than a vape pen but way smaller than a top table vaporizer. It is too big to fit in your pocket as you would a vape pen but small enough to be carried around in a bag. These devices are pricier than vape pens because of their more sophisticated design and added functionalities.

Unlike vape pens, these vaporizers are tailored for a host of vaping material be it concentrate, liquid, or dry herbs. They make excellent home vaping devices but can also be used on the go. This might be why their popularity has soared in recent times. Regular charging is required with these devices and once fully charged, the vaporizer can provide 2 to 3 hours of continuous use.

With regards to temperature control, it’s often the norm that portable vaporizers have a fixed temperature setting. This makes them not very ideal for really dry vaping material. For those that offer temperature control, the adjustment mechanism is usually heating manipulation rather than precise temperature tweaking. However, there are some high-end models that enable customized temperature adjustment using a calibrated scale.

Advantages of Portable MMJ Vaporizers

  • Its portability is undoubtedly its greatest selling point as it does not confine your vaping to just a single spot.
  • The fusion of beguiling design and alluring texture makes for a device that is, more often than not, eye-catching.
  • Compared to a joint, the vaporization is simply enthralling as the device is able to isolate the distinct nuances of different strains.
  • It is multifunctional and extremely user-friendly.
  • Also, the portable vaporizer conceals the smell of cannabis commendably well, making it an excellent vaping accessory to carry around.


  • Fixed temperature control in most portable devices sometimes results in burning of the vaping material. Other times, insufficient combustion provides inadequate vapor potency.
  • Portable vaporizers command a hefty price tag compared to vape pens.
  • While they are portable, they are not as discrete as vape pens.

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