Volcano Vaporizer Review (Still the best desktop vaporizer)

The volcano vaporizer first graced the marijuana scene at the turn of the millennium, and it has entrenched itself as, arguably, the best desktop vaporizer in existence. We’ll be putting this revolutionary device under the microscope as we do a deep dive into the volcano vaporizer.

First Things First

The vaporizer earns its name from its volcano-esque poise and appearance. It was manufactured by a German company, Storz & Bickle, who released two variations of the popular device. The two versions are called the Volcano classic and digital. While pretty much everything is the same with either make, the sole difference comes in the means of temperature adjustment. The classic affords a knob for such purposes while the digital one has a digital interface for precise temperature control and an automatic shut off feature. Both of these devices have very accurate temperature control mechanisms, which makes them especially useful for temperature specific herb strains.

The analog volcano will cost you about $480 dollars and you’d need to cough up roughly an extra $150 for the digital build. For longevity concerns, you might want to stick with the classic. It provides a robust architecture compared to the digital version which has sensitive electronics, which are bound to fail at some point.


  • The durability of the volcano is unrivaled, no matter the make. Its robust frame that’s forged out of stainless steel makes it one for the long haul.
  • Its build quality is also similar, thanks to the combination of ingenious design work and top-notch German parts. The Volcano is like the Mercedes of the vaporizer world, but better.
  • The vapor also has unmatched flavor, quality, and density. It’s to die for!
  • It fills up vapor balloons tremendously fast. It takes less than 30 seconds. Compared to other devices of this nature, it’s several times faster. Other brands can take up to 2 minutes or longer.
  • Either variation of the device is extremely easy to use. Temperature control and overall ease of use is excellent.
  • It’s easy to care for. Practically, all you’d need to do to keep it in great shape is a little wiping of the screen, surfaces, and the occasional bag replacement.
  • Its efficient design features an effective regulatory valve. It ensures there is no wasted vapor. In short, you get your herb’s full worth. The Volcano’s high efficiency can also be attributed to its large heating surface area. It burns up the herb very evenly.


  • The device takes about three minutes to completely heat up which is considered quite long.
  • It’s noisier than many of its competitors. It’s especially loud when filling the vapor balloon. This is due to the fan’s fast RPMs.
  • The volcano weighs significantly more than most other desktop units. This coupled with its large frame hinders portability.
  • The vapor bags are a tad crinkly and not friendly on the environment. They’re downright ugly after a few uses.
  • It has the most expensive price tag of its competitors.

Final Verdict

The volcano vaporizer is pretty much the yardstick for modern vaporizers these days. That’s a testament to just how good it is. It’s spoken of in high regard within vaping circles and across the internet. There’s hardly any vaporizers out there that can hold a candle to it. So it’s a definite thumbs up on this one.

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